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George Washington’s Ideas on the kind of Government the United States Should have

By: Jeff Rogers, EDSS 8420, Dr. Lee


Development of Canals/Waterways                               Articles of Confederation


Trade & Commerce                                                             Desire to Adopt Constitution


Strong Military                                                                       Fear of Anarchy/Tyranny


Federalism                                                                              Constitutional Convention


Anti-Federalism                                                                        Strong Central Government


Unity/Disunity                                                                            Amendments



            George Washington is remembered as one of the United States’ founding fathers and as the first President of our country.  Washington’s fellow countrymen held him in high regard.  He was asked to be the President of the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787.  Although George Washington did not esteem political parties, nor did he belong to one, he appeared to be a Federalist at heart because he favored the adoption of the Constitution and a strong central government.  Being a general, Washington also fervently advocated the necessity of a strong military to protect the United States at all times.