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The Digital History and Pedagogy Project is focused on the preparation of tools and resources for teaching and learning history in online environments. In our work, we create digital historical resources and, in the process, focus on best practices for using these resources in k-12 and college classrooms. Our projects have all been developed through teacher development and are described in brief below. We also maintain a social network at teachingdigitalhistory.ning.com and blog at http://learndigitalhistory.blogspot.com         

The Lincoln Telegrams


The Lincoln Telegrams at http://lincolntelegrams.com is our feature project. The project presents 324 telegram memos written by president Abraham Lincoln between March 10, 1864 and April 12, 1865. Scanned images of these memos are presented on the day the memos were written. Transcripts of the telegram are available on the related Lincoln Wiki Project at http://wiki.lincolntelegrams.com. Historical analysis of the telegrams accompanies these transcripts. This analysis includes information organized around an historical thinking heuristic developed by David Hick, Peter Doolittle, and Tom Ewing called SCIM-C (for more see http://historical inquiry.com).